Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On turkeys, printers, and skunk-like-calves...

What a lovely day it is today! It's unimaginable to think that there's a possibility of a snow-storm Friday night!!!

Two days ago, I placed an ad on BisManOnline (a free ad service for the Bismarck area) to try to sell some of our Bourbon Red turkey toms, as we have far too many. A lady named Sally from North of Bismarck came yesterday to buy one tom, but she must have really liked them, because she decided to take two birds home! Mom, Jacob & I worked together to corner the two guys and then we hauled them to Sally's car where she had a large dog kennel waiting. She said that she'd seen our ad the night before, but was too tired to call. Then she woke up in the middle of the night with the name "Chester" running through her head and decided then and there to name the one tom, "Chester." As she bought two turkeys though, she was wondering what she'd name the other, so my mom suggested she call it "Harvey" as that is my grandpa Delzers' first name--his middle name being Chester. The other tom was dubbed "Harvey" on the spot and Sally and her two toms left our place with an air of excitement. Isn't it amazing how one mans' junk is another mans' treasure? Not that the turkeys were junk, it's just that we don't need so many toms around! :)

Yesterday, I spent a large portion of my afternoon trying to get our printer to print the way it's supposed to. Not all of the colors of ink were coming through and it was so frustrating... Mother finally decided to call around and see if she could find a printer that we could use to print Andrew's graduation invitations with. One neighbor said we could use hers, except she didn't have any colored ink, so that wasn't going to work. She offered to get us any ink or cartridges we need in Bismarck tomorrow, so we were grateful for that. However, Mother decided to call another neighbor and see what her printer situation was, and she said that we could borrow hers right away. She brought it over last night and so we're hoping now that the rest of this project will be smooth sailing from here on out!
When Stacey brought the printer over last night, she also brought her two oldest children (my babysit-ees) and so I got to get two goodnight hugs and kisses from my darlings! Little children are so precious... All children are, really!

Oh, I should tell you about the calf that looks like an over-grown skunk... Yesterday Jacob & I tagged one of the cutest calves of the year--a black calf that has a white stripe down his back and some white dots in a few other places. It seems like we get one of these unique looking calves every year, but not from the same cow--funny! God's creativity is amazing!

Here I was trying to get the calf to turn around so that Jacob could get a better picture of her. :)

Well, it's nearly lunch time, so I'd best help get some food on the table. My dad is hauling sunflowers to Enderlin today and Andrew is cleaning grain (from dawn to dusk), so it will just be the three of us here. It always seems strange to eat without the rest of the family being here!

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