Thursday, April 30, 2009

A German Hymn...

My favorite part of the funeral ceremony was when all the Germans sang the German hymn, "Gott ist die Liebe" which means, "God is Love". This used to be my grandma's favorite German hymn and I remember hearing her sing it several times. I like how the german language sounds and should really learn it, as I'm mostly all German...(just a little bit Irish.) Enjoy~


Anonymous said...

My dear Cora,
Thanks ever so much for posting this. I can vividly recall that church filled with the old German immigrants. It sounded yesterday just like it did then when I was a little girl as they raised their voices in praise of the wonderful Heavenly Father who sustains us through all.
Love always,

*~Virginia~* said...

Wow....I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother. But I'm glad that the funeral went well. Thats so cool....the song in German. I've never been to a funeral where a song was sung in German, even though I'm almost completely German myself!
The church looks so nice too!