Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pictures of my grandma's funeral...

We were SO glad that Rev. Steve Kyner (our pastor) from Alfred, ND came for the funeral and was there for moral support and to pray for us! He is pictured here with my dad and brother, Andrew.

Here is Jacob and our cousin, Benjamin from Bismarck.

My grandpa with his daughter-in-law Sharel, sister Delores, sister Frances and his brother-in-law, (Frances' husband) David.

The front of the church...

I wish I had a better picture of Pastor Kyle R. but I don't. He was a great blessing to us all and had a wonderfully gentle way of presenting the message of salvation.
All 6 of us grandchildren were the casket-bearers. Though I'm the oldest of the Delzer grandchildren, I'm almost the shortest and the only girl... :)

Thankfully, all of my cousins and brothers are strong young men and two of the guys from the funeral home helped us too!

After the service in the cemetery, there was a meal in the church basement and we had a wonderful time of fellowshipping with all of Mother's relatives, neighbors and friends. So many people knew who I was and I recognized their faces, but the names are all jumbled up in my mind. We all received lots of comforting hugs and smiles, and were blessed.
Here's a picture of mother with her childhood friend, Carol and some of her family.

...And here's another picture of a friend who was like a brother to mother when they were growing up. His wife is now a very dear friend too...

Later on, the immediate family met at Grandpa's house to open the cards and devided them out for everyone to write thank-yous. As soon as Mother's ready, she and I are going to write out our portion of them and get them in the mail right away.

One of the bright spots in the last two days was in getting to meet my mom's uncle David and his wife, Frances. They're from Wisconsin, so I don't remember ever meeting them before, although I know I did when I was real little. Mother has always told us children how much she loved her uncle David and his wife and now we finally got to meet them!!! Here, aunt Frances is showing Mother some of her pictures on her camera...

...And on the far right in this picture you can see "Uncle David". He has a great sense of humor and thinks that I should go into the Rodeo business because I have some cows. :)

Well, I could post even more pictures, but I should probably dig out a pen and start writing our notes of gratitude... Please, if you have time and think of it, could you pray for my grandpa in these next few days? He is taking the loss of Grandma very hard and was not in very good physical condition even before she passed away. We don't know if he'll be able to stay in his home now without her. We're going to invite him to come stay for a few days with us, but I'm not sure if he'll come.

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us and who has sent us such comforting words of sympathy! God will pull us through with the help of friends like you~

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