Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring flowers~

Do you remember a couple of days ago when I said that my dad (and Jacob) went to get hay? Well, they brought a lovely gift back with them--several dozen crocuses!!! They said that a certain hill was covered with them and they could have picked many, many more. We usually have crocuses on a hill here at home, but this year, our stock cows are out in that pasture and must be eating them off as they grow, as we haven't seen a single flower. Hmmmm, I wonder if crocuses taste good?


Naomi K said...

Oh, they're sooooo pretty! Can't wait 'till our flowers start to bloom :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Cora,

What a nice surprise for you! If you get time, you should mark the spot where they bloomed with a flag, and then in the fall, dig up some of the bulbs and transplant them. After they're done blooming, it's hard to find where they were, so if you mark them with a flag or some other marker while they're blooming, you'll know where to dig.

sI've always thought that I would do that if I found a patch of wild crocus.


Anonymous said...

I remember picking crocus in our pasture when I was a young girl. It was one of my mother's favorite flowers!


Cora Beth said...

Thank you for the comments ladies and for the idea, Tamera! I'm sure our landlady wouldn't mind us digging up a few crocus plants if we ask her. Nobody else ever sees and enjoys them anyway! I love that they come so early in the year, when everything else is just starting to think about growing. :)