Saturday, April 18, 2009

A fine musician~

I really enjoy how coreography looks! My family and I considered learning this song for Prairie Days, but I don't think it's going to happen this year. Andrew's graduation is just a couple weeks before Prairie Days and we have so many things to do for that... I thought I'd share this video anyway and hopefully it will brighten your day...

It would be nice to be a fine musician, but as it is, I'm a learning musician, and that's fine. :)

As I have a few people reading my blog now that don't know our family personally, I thought I'd post our most recent family picture, which was taken in December at my Delzer grandparent's house. I know that this isn't really a recent picture, but we haven't changed much since then!

Meet (as one man called us) the Born-again Bornemanns~
From left to right: Andrew (18), Jacob (13), Mother (aka Dawn), Myself (22), & my dad, Robert (whom most of his customers call Bob!)


Tessa Ligon said...

That is a really good family picture of you guys. I can't believe how tall your brothers have gotten since I have seen you guys last. Too bad everyone lives so far away and is so busy. It would be great to get together again sometime. You will have to keep us posted about Andrew's graduation. Maybe we could make it up.

Cora Beth said...

Aren't they, tall I mean? I think I'll soon be getting the Shortest-Member-Of-The-Family award!
It would be great if you could make it to Andrew's graduation!!! We're working on the invitations currently.... The big day is June 7th, so hopefully you don't already have plans for that day?