Friday, April 17, 2009

A Spring Poem~

I thought I'd share a poem I read today that seems to fit this Spring well. It comes from a book called, "Ever and Always--I Shall Love the Land".

Signs of Spring
by Clell G. Gannon~

The robins know it,
The dresses show it,
And shoes are splashed with mud.
It's on the breezes,
It kind of teases
And gets right in your blood.

The blooming flowers
And sudden showers
All say that Spring is here.
The geese are passing,
The green grass massing,
And marble games appear.

The farmer's going
About the sowing
of many fields of wheat.
When we have shivered
Through one more blizzard,
Then Spring will be complete!

Hopefully the blizzards are done with for a good long time now!


Dawn Bornemann said...

How perfect Cora! Get any gophers when you were out checking the cows? At least the gophers don't mind waking up to mud.

Cora Beth said...

Ah, well, you see, Jacob got 1 for sure. I missed 7 times--6 on the same dumb gopher! Millie's enjoying Jacob's gopher currently...

*~Virginia~* said...

haha, I think we're done with the blizzards here in least I hope! Today we're planting about 4,000 onions, so I hope we're done with it!!!!! :)

Cora Beth said...

Wow... That's a LOT of onions! Do you sell some of them or do you like onions a lot? :)
Pretty soon we'll be able to get into our garden, as the sun is finally drying up the mud. We've actually had a few blizzards this April, but I think we're finally done with them, as it's getting up into the 60s nowdays. Ahhh...Spring.