Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More Senior pictures...

It looks like we have another busy afternoon ahead of us, so I thought I'd just post some more Senior pictures quick as I have a minute now.

Here they are:

Chores went well this morning and I didn't even get my boots stuck. Hooray!

My dad didn't have to leave quite as early this morning and helped me tag the new calves, or rather, I helped him! :) This sunshine is just wonderful for all the little babies. We found one of my calves that wasn't doing too well, though. I picked him up and we hauled him into the barn, but he was too far gone and died before we left. I had tried tubing him some milk, but he had a large lump in his throat that wouldn't let the tube go down, so he must have had something physically wrong inside. Poor baby...

1 comment:

*~Virginia~* said...

awww thats so sad about the calf!!!!!
Thats kinda funny....your barn is white with red trim, ours is red with white trim!!!! :) hahha
The motorcycle looks nice!