Friday, April 24, 2009

We had a good laugh!

This afternoon, after getting Andrew's graduation invitations sent off in the mail (Hooray!), we had to do our house cleaning and feast preparing in super-fast-mode. Thankfully, Andrew was here to help today, as he couldn't clean grain because of all the rain and snow.

So, we were bustling around the house--Andrew was sweeping the kitchen floor; I was frying some beef and venison burger; and Mom was over returning the printer to our neighbors', when I noticed that Jacob was through with his last task. I then asked him, "Jacob, will you please pick up the rest of the rugs and go shake them outside?" Apparently he didn't hear me, (I asked him later and he said that he really hadn't heard me,) as he walked into the other room without responding. After a few seconds and no Jacob, I realized that he hadn't heard, so I said something louder to him... At the very same moment, Andrew said the very same thing, as he had overheard what I had said to Jacob and knew too that our younger brother wasn't coming.

What do you suppose we both said??? ....Should I take a poll with a bunch of possible answers and you can vote on it? :) I guess I'll just tell you...

We both said, simultaneously, "Ya-kov", which is Hebrew, I think, for Jacob. Andrew & I stared at each other then, wondering if we had heard right what the other person had said, and when we realized we had said the same thing, we had a good laugh. We honestly don't call Jacob "Ya-kov" very often, so it was especially funny that we did now!

Oh, and the end of the story? Well, "Ya-kov" heard us this time and soon was busily shaking the rugs out in the fresh Spring air.

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