Monday, April 13, 2009

It was a lovely day for taking pictures!

Everyone, I'd like you to meet Charlie--my biggest calf of the year--so far! We assisted his birth 3 days ago, (actually, to use farmer terms, we had to use the calf puller to get the guy out!) and he is doing well now. However, his mother was a very small heifer and was very exhausted 'til we were done. We had to give her some shots and some Cal/Glutomate for energy and then she was able to get up on her feet again. Then last night, she prolapsed, so I had to call the vet from Steele. He got here at 11:00 last night and did a good job at getting her put back together. She was up and about this morning and was eating some oats, so it looks like she'll pull through. Oh, but I was going to show you Charlie....

"Warm milk and a head scratch--what could be better?" Charlie's mother didn't have milk for him, so we bottle fed him his first few meals. Now we're trying to get him a REAL mother, as Jacob's really tame cow, Phyllis lost her calf last night and has too much milk to let go to waste. Hopefully she's in an adopting mood!

Here's a picture I took of Jacob this morning--patting my cow, Brigeitta, who happens to be one of his favorites. :)

I looked out the back door of the barn and saw our dog, Millie. I thought I'd get a picture of her and post it here, but apparently she's a little camera shy! (If you've met Millie, you'll know that she's anything buy shy!)

My dad spent a lot of time this morning pushing the "Smuck" up onto a pile so that everything can dry up a bit. We're so grateful for the sunshine today!

This is George, our bottle kid. His mother doesn't have enough milk for him AND his sister, so we decided to feed him milk that we get from the other goats. He kept walking towards me, so it was hard to get his picture!

And here's Mary and me... Believe it or not, she doesn't mind being tipped over and held like a baby. :) She just lies there with her feet out-stretched as if she doesn't have a care in the world......

...Maybe that's because she doesn't?

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Cora Beth said...

What a great mom you're going to be Cora!!!