Friday, April 3, 2009

True beauty~

~On the second day of blogging, my conscience said to me,

"Are you waisting time,

And can you blog-and do it hum-bl-y?"

Answer= My time will not be wasted if I can share things that are a blessing to others.

So, for today's' encouragement, I thought I'd share a chapter on beauty that has been very helpful to me in realizing what true beauty is. This is an excerpt from the book, "Harmony for the Heart", which I received 4 years ago when I graduated from our home school high-school.

A Chapter on Beauty~
Although my waistline measures 25 inches, and I weigh 110 pounds; if I have not God's gentleness, I am not beautiful.
And though my complexion is clear, and though I have no pimples, and though my skin is smooth and tanned; if I have not God's grace, I am not beautiful.
And though my hair is neither frizzy nor greasy, and though it parts only where I want it to part; yet if I have not God's kindness, I am not beautiful.
God's beauty doesn't depend upon my appearance, for it is beauty of spirit. It is gentleness and patience. It thinks first of others; it lets a friend interrupt. God's beauty sings while it presses dresses, and smiles at the crippled neighbor. It stretches a warm touch to a hurting sister. God's beauty listens to an overwhelmed friend.
God's beauty can't be purchased. I can't buy it by the yard from a bolt of lace; neither can a store sell it in a powder can or tube of lipstick.
God's beauty never grows old. But glossy hair will turn gray and fall out. A slim waistline will grow flabby, just as pink cheeks will fade.
But God's beauty can shine on a wrinkled face and live in the clasp of a trembling hand. It can still sparkle from faded eyes.
When I was ignorant, I tried to be beautiful by myself. But, when I understood God's ways, I realized that only God's spirit within me can make me beautiful.
And I may have charm, form, and beauty, these three. But the greatest of these is God's beauty.

I'm striving for true beauty today...


Anonymous said...

Great thoughts, Cora, and very biblical. I would only add that today's standard of feminine beauty is all fake. They take a perfectly ordinary woman, layer on so much make-up that the true woman is hidden, and then tinker with the photo electronically until it measures up to their idea of "ideal," which, of course, has nothing to do with reality. Welcome to the blogging world, by the way.

Cora Beth said...

Thanks so much for the comment, Lane, and for your thoughts! Your dear wife is a true example of real beauty and lovely femininity, and is an inspiring role-model for me...
By the way, I thought it was really neat that the people who've commented on my blog so far have been teachers of mine. :) How special!

Vangie said...

Hi Cora, This is so true. May I copy and paste this on my face book? I will be sure and put the name of the book on there. So many young ladies thank so different. Love your blog pages thanks for sending it to me.
Love Vangie

Cora Beth said...

Thanks for the comment, Mrs. Kyner!
Feel free to add the quote on beauty to your face book account. I hope it will be a blessing to many others too...
Wishing you a peacful remainder of the Sabbath.