Monday, April 20, 2009


Everyone here got up early this morning, as my dad had to haul a load of grain to a farmer before hauling hay home; my mom headed for Bismarck to meet with several BT clients; Andrew went South to Strasburg to finish up a grain-cleaning job and to try to finish 2 other guys' grain before the day is done; and Jacob & I needed to do the milking and other chores by ourselves. It's at times like these that I'm glad we're only milking 8 cows and 5 goats!!!

Chores went well, all except for the end part, that is... See, I was going to water the 2 cows that are locked in a pen behind the barn. The garden hose we use to water them with was still mostly frozen, but a little trickle of water came out the end, so I knew it would open up eventually. I waited for a couple minutes for the water to come, but it didn't, so I decided to leave the hose in the trough and go get oats with Jacob, as he was already driving the tractor over to the grain bin. We returned in about 5 minutes and, after unloading the pails of grain from the loader bucket, I went to check if the hose had opened. Well....there are a bunch of calves (ones we had bottle-fed last year) in the same pen that I had to string the hose through to get to the water trough in the back of the barn. The hose had come open, but the calves had stepped on the hose and managed to pull it out of the trough, so the water splashed all over the already muddy ground, making it REALLY messy! The cows still needed water though, so I jumped through the mud and got the hose back into the trough. After it was full, I started to turn to head for the hydrant (to turn the water off,) but my boots didn't budge! (I should tell you that these are the tall, black kind of boots that you just slip your foot in and out of.) I wasn't expecting this change of plans, so I ended up with one stocking foot in the mud and the other still in my other boot--which was sinking down even farther into the squishy mud. Yuck. Jacob came by about then and thought it was funny that I was stuck, as he had had a similar experience just last week! Oh the joys of Springtime on the farm... I did get out, after a minute, and we both had a good laugh. (My socks are now washed and are hanging up on the wash line, drying in the crisp breeze.)

So, were you ready to get back to work this morning, or were you a "Bear" about it? Here's a movie we found on U-tube a while ago, and I've been saving it for such a time as this. :) Be sure to turn your speakers WAY DOWN in the beginning, while they show the penguin--as the music is crazy! I think the polar bear is SO funny, though, and that's why I decided to share this with you. I hope your Monday has been great!

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*~Virginia~* said...

oh wow!!!!!!
Thats happened to me before....It hasnt happened in a while thank goodness!!!! :)