Saturday, April 4, 2009


(To the tune of The 12 days of Christmas)
~On the third day of blogging, my conscience said to me,
"Can you share God's joy?
Are you waisting time,
And can you blog-and do it hum-bl-y?"

There are many joys on the farm, especially in the springtime when there are many babys to play with and care for. Joy can come from the simplest of things--robins sitting on the merry-go-round bars; kittens wandering around, meowing in their tiny voices or new-born calves standing up for the first time. Joy comes in knowing that you have a good meal ready to serve to hungry family members, or by reading a good book, or perhaps by watching a movie of big machines dancing gracefully....

Big machines dancing gracefully?--YES!

May you have joy as you serve God today...

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Anonymous said...

Dear Cora Beth,
How wonderful that on day 3 you should focus on joy. I often think that the number 3 must be a special number to God because He is God in 3 persons. How wonderful it is to focus on Him and let His joy fill our hearts no matter what is happening down here on earth. All sorts of people are trying to take away our joy, but as long as we focus on Him, He gives us joy in the most unusual places.
How neat that you posted this video. So did your "Other" teacher's comment make you think of appealing to the male audience as well. :)
Love you sweetie,
PS. I like the shadow idea for highlighting the name!