Monday, May 18, 2009

Another windy day~~~~~

Quite a few days in North Dakota could be classified as windy, but some are more noticeable than others--like when you're trying to work in the dirt and the wind keeps blowing gravel into your skin! Well, today was one of those days. Mom, Jacob & I decided to try to plant our grass, but after fighting the wind and cleaning dirt out of our faces for about an hour, we gave up and decided to do it tomorrow--Lord willing. It's supposed to rain sometime tomorrow, so hopefully we'll be able to get it all planted and covered and then let God do the watering for us. :)

Our "Easter" cactus is blooming now and is so pretty! Mother moved it to the middle of the table this afternoon so that we can see it better and enjoy it more.

We took some pictures of the kids in the barn this morning and I thought I'd post my favorite ones here...

This one shows the difference in size of a 1 month old and a 4+ day old kid (although the 4-day-old is pretty small, even for a newborn!)
Here Andrew is enjoying his new kid and it's mother is enjoying him!

These little ones are my babies and were born a day apart. The black one is Edward (he was born on my dad's birthday, so I gave him my dad's middle name) and the brown one is Fay (my mom's middle name.)

I'd better explain this picture... Sometimes, when we have a goat that isn't feeling well or right after she's kidded, we'll give her some milk to help give her strength. Well, some of our goats think this is the customary procedure now and they like to lick out the buckets after we're through with them. Rest at ease though... Mother sanitizes them good before the next milking time!

This silly goose decided a while ago that the corner of the goat barn looked like a great place for building her nest... She hisses at us if we get close, but normally she just sits there and watches the world go by.

We also had a goat give birth to triplets this afternoon, but Mom posted pictures on her blog of them, so I'll just let you head over that way if you want to see them.

Andrew was busy most of the afternoon with loading manure and spreading it on the fields. He still has a lot to do, but he's thankful we have a good loader tractor now and a good spreader!

Dad and Jacob worked on the 1486 a lot today and are about ready to "Split" it in two. They're not exactly sure what's wrong with it yet. I think they're really brave to just dig in like that!

I went to Napoleon this afternoon, as I had a meeting at 2:00 with Mr. Hansen for my Farm Business Management training, (this training was a requirement when I got my Beginning Farmer loan and this is my last year in the program...) After I was through with that, I deposited some checks in the bank (always a good feeling); got some Hanks dog food at the local elevator (Millie's hungry again); and I bought some more grass-seed at the hardware store. We should have enough now!

Oh yes, my parents and Jacob took our friends' Ranger back today (after washing all the mud and stuff off) and then Mom brought back some tomato and cabbage plants she bought from some other friends' greenhouse. The plants are in the entryway now, as it still isn't overly warm outside at night.

Well, it's bedtime once again, so I'll say goodnight... "Goodnight!"

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*~Virginia~* said...

Sounds like a busy day! :)
We used to have lots of goats, but I think we sold them all.....we had some bad times witn the babies....they all died..