Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What a busy day!

It is late, but I haven't posted yet today, so I thought I'd give you a quick update. Pictures will have to wait for tomorrow though...

My dad hauled grain for the first part of the day; my mom went to Bismarck; Andrew cleaned grain (he's nearing the end now); and Jacob & I got the garden completely ready for being worked up--which consisted of pulling out the old cornstalks, cabbage stems, and marigold plants and putting them on a pile to burn on a less windy day. While doing this, we discovered several onions that we had missed while pulling them last Fall and they were sprouting. I thought it would be a shame for them to just get worked under the ground, so Jacob & I dug them out and transplanted them into 2 pots. We found about 40 onions, so that was a pleasant surprise!

Later, when Dad got home, we helped him hook up to the manure spreader and got it ready for action. Dad spread two loads worth over the garden and then worked the whole thing up very nicely. We'll still use the tiller to make the ground smooth, but Dad's big equipment sure got the ground loosened up well!

One of the highlights of the day for Jacob was finding a salamander under an old tarp we moved off the garden. I took pictures, but haven't loaded them on my computer yet...

Well, I could write about a lot more (like how I almost got a boot-full of water while untangling the electric fence wire from the barbed wire in the cows' pasture this morning--the tangled place being right in the middle of a tiny lake), but I need some sleep. So, sweet dreams!

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*~Virginia~* said...

sounds likeyou guys are keeping really busy!!!!!!
when we were going over our garden, we found TONS of turnips which we had forgotten about....they were rotten though! ;)