Monday, May 11, 2009

A quick post!

I need to get up early in the morning and it's not exactly early now, so this will be short.

Mom and the boys went to Bismarck today and did some shopping for decorations and food supplies for Andrew's graduation.

Dad hauled a load of grain to Napoleon and then worked in the shop the rest of the afternoon.

I made 2 fresh-rhubarb-pies out of the rhubarb we got down at Grandpas' place yesterday and then cut up the rest of the rhubarb and put it in the freezer for later use. Our neighbor, Tamera and her children--Olivia, Sophia, Josiah, & Mariah came over this afternoon to bring me an idea they had of what to do for Olivia's birthday cake. They were able to stay and visit for about an hour, so that was a nice break for me! I wish I'd have thought to take pictures, but unfortunately, I didn't...

Tonight, Dad gave Mother the very special Mothers' Day gift he bought for her (it just came on the FedEx truck today) and she was SO elated!!!!! I won't tell you what it was though, as she'll want to tell you all about it, I'm sure. How's that for keeping you curious?

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