Saturday, May 9, 2009

Our busy Friday...

After breakfast yesterday, Andrew had to head out to finish his grain cleaning job from the night before. As the job was almost an hour away, instead of bringing the cleaner home, the farmer let Andrew drive one of his vehicles. This often happens, so we look forward to seeing what kind of wheels he'll come home with next. This time, it happened to be this tiny thing that Andrew said was like a golf cart with a top on it! The guys wanted to check the oil before my brother took off, but there was one slight problem... They couldn't figure out how to open the hood! After a few minutes of trying different things, my dad finally found the lever underneath the front end. Soon, Andrew was off--only to return in a few hours because of getting rained out. It was nice to have him home again, helping us with all that needed doing. He even still remembered how to milk his cows!

But, let me back up to morning chores again... Dad helped us with everything and then he and I had to catch a couple sick calves to give them Vit. C shots and one also needed a shot of Oxytetracyclene. We don't like using drugs, but we've found that there is a time for it.
Then we had to go around the electric fence, because the cows had been out in the alfalfa field AGAIN. They had broke the barbed wire this time and then tangled the electric fence in several places. Dad thinks we need to hook up a more powerful fencer so that the cows know we mean business...

Once we got done with that, I had to quickly change my clothes and head over to our neighbors' to meet with the wife and discuss babysitting. She had called the day before, wondering if I could help her over the Summer, as she'd like to get back to her work as a Medical Transcriptionist. She'd be at home all the time, but really would like some help with her 18 month old girl and her 2-month-old twin boys! I spent about 2 hours over there visiting and holding baby Michael. I'll be doing my first job over there on Thursday, as she has a meeting in Bismarck she'd like to attend and her husband works 'til 6:00. If all works out well, I'll be pretty busy over the Summer with caring for these little ones. I'm just amazed at how God has been opening up doors for me to be with little children, as I love them so much! The really nice part is that all the families I'm babysitting for are within 2 miles from our farm!

When I returned home from my pleasant visit, we had lunch and then started the task of cleaning the house and preparing a lot of food, as we're getting company this afternoon. For supper last night, we made Deviled-Goose-Eggs! We were wondering how many other people in the USA were eating such delicacies for supper last night? Dad said you'd probably have a greater chance of being struck by lightning than of finding others who ate that kind of eggs. :) So, if you were eating Deviled-Goose-Eggs last night, please leave a comment--and we'll be shocked!

My dad went and got the last load of hay from our hay land that's 20 miles away. He got some exercise, as when he was driving in the field with the semi and trailer, all of a sudden his front wheel sank down to the middle of the tire in mud! It didn't look wet there at all, but apparently it was! Dad had to walk quite a ways back to the tractor, but thankfully he got the truck pulled out and soon was on his way home.
In the afternoon, Andrew got out the weed-eater and trimmed up the place real nice; Dad worked on equipment to go out in the field with; I had a call from a neighbor who was calling for their church, as they need some cakes made for graduation and confirmation the end of May; and then Mom, Jacob, and I worked in the house 'til chores time. We were ready for a good nights sleep after all that--and so we all slept happily ever after. The end~


Anonymous said...

I do so enjoy your writing! Glad you have opportunities to be with those little children. I'm sure you are a big blessing to those moms and dads!


*~Virginia~* said...

yum! :) the little car is so cute!