Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Out with the old--and in with the new...

Today was a day of changes--or, in other words, it was a fine example of how the old saying, "Out with the old and in with the new" plays out in real life sometimes.

For example, our very old farm cat, Katey died today (we had her for 9 years, I think), but there was a new life in the goat barn, as one of my goats had a doeling. "Out with the cat and in with the kid."

Another example is: Andrew finished with the Spring season of grain cleaning today (hooray!), only to come home to the truck bringing us our sunflower seed to plant in the field. "Out with the old work and in with the new..."

Want another example? Ok... My dad had to take out the hose that blew on the tractor and then he put in the new one he got down in Kintyre...

Yet another? Well, we finished up the last soup that Grandma had ever made and now we need to make some of our own... "Out with the old food and in with the new." (I guess that's an everyday occurrence!)

That one was a little lame, so how about this one--We got down the Summer clothes from the attic, so it's now, "Up with the old clothes and hang-up the new."

I guess you could just say we had an interesting day!

Oh, I just remembered one more! --"Out with Spring and in with Winter..." It snowed here this evening!!!

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