Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We got the grass planted!

There was still wind today, but not as much, so Mother, Jacob & I picked rocks; planted the grass; and raked over the area--and now we're really praying for rain! It sprinkled a little during chores tonight, but not enough to really count as rain.

We also had some visitors to our farm today... The first was our elderly neighbor lady, Gladys. She brought over some useful items she didn't need anymore; had tea with Mom and I; and I trimmed her hair, (which I've been cutting for her occasionally for about a year now). She wanted to see our baby goats, so we went down to the barn for a little while. Then I rode in her pickup with her across the road to our rhubarb patch, as she asked if she could have 2 cups worth for making a fresh rhubarb cake. :) We have lots of rhubarb (about 30 plants), so we were happy to oblige her.

Our second visitor was Benjamin Dagley who came to buy some oats and screenings for his animals. He and Dad filled the totes while the rest of us did chores, then we had a few minutes together to visit before he had to head home.

His sister had sent along some tomato, cabbage, and Black-Eyed-Susan plants for us to enjoy, so that was really nice! (Thanks Amanda!!!)

While Ben was here, he mentioned that some cows were out on the road to the North and it sounded like it was up far enough to be our cows. After Ben left, Dad and Andrew got on their dirt-bikes and drove up a few miles until they found some cows. It turns out that they were our neighbors' cows, so Dad called our neighbor and he came. Our guys helped him get the cows in, seeing as they were up there already. I'm glad that our cows are still satisfied with their grass!

Andrew hauled more manure out to the fields today, this time using the 1486! He said it worked great, so that's a relief. Andrew did hear some bad news on the radio though... A 13-year-old boy that we know (he was a triplet!) died yesterday as a result of a 4-wheeler accident. This boy's name was Jacob and he was my brother, Jacob's friend from the Northern Plains Sustainable Agriculture Society conventions. Both boys had similar interests (guitar, animals, hunting...) and last year, Jacob L. even gave Jacob B. one of his guitar picks, as my Jacob had lost his. Now that gift seems even more precious to Jacob... You can visit my brother or mothers' blog to learn more (they're both on my side-bar.) Please, if you would, keep this family in your prayers for a while, as I'm sure they are greatly grieving their kind-hearted son!

Well, it's family prayer time, so I need to end this.

Sweet dreams~

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*~Virginia~* said...

wow, thats so sad....certainly I'll keep this boy in my preayers, and your brother as well..