Sunday, May 17, 2009

Colorful tulips~

This afternoon, I picked some of our tulips that were blooming across the road. Tulips are so cheerful--I only wish they lasted longer than they do.

The guys were busy this afternoon with spreading manure in the fields and, when they weren't busy helping Dad, the boys helped me get the ground in our play-ground area ready so we can plant grass in it. We've tried getting a nice lawn going there other years, but the grass never took really well. It's been so dry that we think it just didn't get enough moisture to stay alive. This year, we have hopes of rain! PTL~

I push-mowed the grass around the grain bins and around our Juneberries this afternoon too, so hopefully we'll be able to find the berries this year when they're ready to eat!

Mom and Jacob washed windows and put the patio-door screen up, so now we can enjoy the fresh air once more--without the threat of bugs sneaking in, (although some still manage to do that anyway.)

We did other various odd jobs around the place too. Oh, and something on the 1486 died or broke (is there a difference?), so the guys were working on that too.

And, just for your information, I thought I'd share something that I learned today... When you're making chocolate chip cookies, if you melt your honey (we use honey in place of sugar almost all the time) on the stove, be sure to let it cool before adding it to your batter or else it will melt all the chocolate chips and your batter will look very funny! You'll also get comments like, "What kind of cookies are these?" Just thought I'd let you know. :)

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Elizabeth J. said...

Those are so pretty! I like tulips a lot, especially white ones.