Monday, May 4, 2009

Windy day~

The wind was so strong this afternoon when Jacob & I checked cows that it nearly blew the house door out of my hands when I opened it! As we live on top of a hill, we get a lot of wind--especially when it comes from the South, as we have no trees on that side of our farm.

My dad hauled a load of sunflowers to Enderlin this morning and a load of corn to Napoleon this afternoon, and then loaded up with corn again. When he was putting fuel on at the local Cenex, he saw the guy who I bought my bulls from last year. As we really liked how my bulls filled out as they grew, Dad decided to buy some more bulls from this gentleman, as we had to sell one of our older bulls last Fall and really needed a couple more. Dad hopped in with "Tom" and they went to his place to look over his stock. There were several to choose from and my dad picked out 3 that he liked. So--in the middle of May sometime, Tom will be delivering our new fellas. That will make 8 bulls on the place--YIKES!

Andrew had a ruff day of cleaning, as the farmers' grain was very dirty and it kept plugging things up. Plus, it kept raining off and on and the wind made the usually dusty job pretty undesirable. Poor brother--he's so tired tonight...

The rest of us here at home worked on some details for Andrew's graduation and kept the farm running. Jacob & I fixed some more fence this morning and the cows stayed in today. What a relief!

Well, I should crawl in as tomorrow's another busy day. Pleasant dreams...

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