Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sweet fellowship...

We had a wonderful time with the Stover family here yesterday! They were headed for Texas and decided to visit us, as our farm was on the way. They had never been here before, so we showed them around our place and then all of us younger people piled into the "Ram" and went out to check cows. There were a few crocus blooming on the hill out there, so we picked some and brought them back to show to our moms. The rest of the time we had together, we spent doing fun things like:

Playing with baby goats; (I love how the kid has his tongue sticking out in this picture! I guess he's licking his lips to show everyone how sweet Hannah is...)

Playing with more kids;

Bouncing on the trampoline;

Riding on our tipsy-turvey merry-go-round (which we like that way, because you can pump it up really fast!);


...Remote controlled cars;

Eating supper together;

And taking family pictures!

We were so glad to have you here, Stover family!!! Stop in again anytime. :)

~Meet Sarah, Eric, Hannah, Mrs. Stover and Mr. Stover~

Hannah and I also played a piano duet together, which was really fun, but I don't have a picture of that...


*~Virginia~* said...

looks lke you had fun! :)
we used to have baby goats, but then we sold them.....:)

Naomi K said...

Hey, I've met the Stover girls - looks like you guys had fun!

Cora Beth said...

Baby goats are So cute and fun! Do you ever wish you had some again, or do you remember how they love to devour trees and such?

I think it's so neat when you meet a family and they know all these other people you know... It's wonderful being a part of God's family, isn't it?