Sunday, May 24, 2009

Showers of blessing...

God sent us a little rain shower this evening, for which we are very grateful. When it rains, everything gets watered so much more evenly than what we could ever do and the air smells SO heavenly--or at least, it smells like what I imagine heaven might smell like?

My dad worked on plowing again today, but had troubles with steering the tractor, so he and Andrew took a look at it before supper and found and fixed the problem. It didn't even cost any money this time. :)

Andrew and Jacob used the wire-winder that the guys made this morning and wound up the electric wire and pulled up the posts that were around the field SW of our place. They said the winder worked really well, so I'm sure we'll be using it more in the future.

Mom worked on laundry a lot and dishes and helped me later in the garden. I tilled up half of the West side of the garden and we got all that space planted before the rain came! If you count the potatoes that we planted earlier, we are half done planting now! Oh, speaking of potatoes, they are poking their leaves out of the ground now. It's so exciting to see things that are green and growing!

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*~Virginia~* said...

we got LOTS of rain today! It was really nice as well...since our sweet potatoes REALLY needed it!!!!