Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I had a lovely surprise this afternoon-- I spent a good portion of my day in babysitting Ella, Levi & Gabe. When their mom, Stacey got home, she handed me a beautiful bouquet of tulips she'd bought for me. They're just starting to open and look so cheerful. Gabe kept smelling them and saying they were "So pwetty!" I totally agree! :)

Andrew finished a grain cleaning job this evening--10 minutes before it started pouring! We had been praying that the rain would wait 'till he finished with that farmers' wheat, and God answered our prayers. Andrew has just one more cleaning job and then he'll be done for this season. I think he's pretty tired of all the grain dust and will enjoy getting back to normal farm work.

My dad hauled a load of sunflowers to Enderlin this afternoon, but had to take a detour (an 80 mile one!) because of a road being underwater. He came home by a different route!

Mother got our Azure order today, so we had several things to put away in the cupboards when she got home. We didn't get all we ordered, but the most important things came--namely, the food items we had ordered for Andrew's graduation.

Well, those were the main events of the day, so I'll end at that. Sweet dreams!

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