Friday, May 15, 2009


I'm so tired now, but I wanted to post pictures from Dad's birthday yesterday and from moving the cows up to pasture this afternoon, so here they are. First come the birthday pictures:

Jacob--the special delivery man!
Everyone looking at one of the neatest presents... Do you have any guesses of what it is?

...It's a collage we put together of pictures taken within the last year.

Cattle moving went fairly well, with just a few problems here and there, (such as 2 calves who were certain they wanted to go back home instead of staying with the herd, and also the time when Andrew's kick-stand fell off of his dirt-bike and he had to fix it quick...)
Mother was in the lead and had the job of keeping the cows together some-what so that they weren't strung out over a mile.
Jacob drove the Ranger that we borrowed from our good friends. He helped on the sides or wherever needed.

I got this picture of the nursery section of the herd. :)

Dad and Andrew drove their dirt-bikes and zoomed up and down the ditches--trying to keep the cows on the straight and narrow (to them) road.
Here's little Skunky and his mother--seeing how far they could push the limits of being away from the rest of the herd, before the noisy bikes would come after them.
I wasn't feeling too well, so my family gave me the easy job of trailing in the rear, pulling the stock trailer so that we could pick up any little calves who tuckered out on the way. The picture below is where the road starts turning into a sloppy trail, and is where I stopped... The guys were able to make it through with their "Vehicles" though.

Later, Dad used the tractor to pull the stock trailer through the mud so that we could get the calves to their mothers.
We're hoping everyone will stay in the fence up there now and be good girls and boys. (That certain fence isn't the best, as there's a lot of swampy areas in that cell of the pasture.) The cows have plenty of grass for a while, so hopefully they'll be content, and we can have some peace and quite around here. Ahhhhh....

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*~Virginia~* said...

Thats a lot of cows!
I hope your dad had a great birthday!