Saturday, May 23, 2009

A picture review of the last 2 days events...

Did anybody have any guesses as to what my dad was up to 2 days ago in the picture I posted? Well, I'll try to explain... After planting our grass, we decided it would be best to cover it with straw to help keep the moisture in when we water and also to prevent our geese and other birds from scratching up the seed--which they were already doing! Our neighbors let us use their bale processor to shred the straw up in smaller pieces, which saved us a LOT of work. We did have to go over the whole thing then with rakes to get the straw spread evenly, but the processor did most of the work. Praise God for big machines!

This is the area that we seeded--before it was all covered with straw.

We started watering the lawn with a little sprinkler, but it was taking forever, so Dad had a great idea... He and Andrew put the big, 1,600 gallon water tank on our white truck and then filled it with water down at the Kintyre elevator. They hooked up a long hose that Andrew bought while in town so now we can just drive along the grass and water it with the hose. The only problem with the whole set-up is that the hose is so flexible that it crimps easily, so it helps to have 2 people to do the watering. Still, it's a big blessing.

On Thursday, my parents decided to work up this area too and plant it with new grass, as it was mostly weeds. It is close to the other grass we planted, so we can just water it all without moving the truck too far.

In case you were wondering, we also do other things than work once in a while... For example, Andrew dug out their old go-cart and he, Jacob, and our dog, Millie had a blast.

While the boys were having fun driving, I took some pictures of our "Flag" Irises. They are really opening up well now and I just love their fuzzy petals!

Yesterday morning, I got up early and decorated this cake for our neighbor, Olivia's 9th birthday... I hope you liked it, Olivia!

Olivia's mom, Tamera and Olivia's two youngest siblings came over to pick the cake up and were able to stay for a couple-hour-long visit too. This time, I remembered to take some pictures, although I only got a few because then my batteries went dead in my camera!

Here, Mother and Tamera are visiting in our living room, while Mariah is having fun digging out balloons that were still left from my birthday...

I had forgotten how fun throwing a balloon around can be...

Josiah had other ideas of fun ways to use balloons... (It's kind of hard to see in this picture, but he's getting ready to knock down the toy tower with his blue balloon.)

There, now I'm caught up. :) Today we are going down to Eureka for my cousin, Dylan's graduation from the Eureka high-school. Andrew also has another reason for wanting to go down, but I'll keep you wondering until I have pictures...

May God grant you all a lovely day~

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*~Virginia~* said...

wow, it sounds like your keeping REALLY busy!
And by the way, thanks for the comments you leave me! Its encouraging to know that your reading my blog!