Saturday, May 23, 2009

Graduation day...

We attended my cousin, Dylan's graduation from high school today. I took a few pictures and thought I'd post them here before I crawl into bed. I didn't take any at the open house, so these will all be from the ceremony.

Dylan is in the front row here, 3rd from the left.

Here Mother is just coming back from getting the rose Dylan gave to her across the railing...
And here's a picture of Dylan with his older brother, Cody. In case you can't tell from the picture, Dylan is VERY tall! (When I congratulated him, I was reminded again of this fact.)
Oh, when I was looking at the pictures I took, I found this one which I got of Andrew at Uncle Duard & Aunt Sharel's (Dylan's parents) house. I had forgotten I took this one... Boys and noise really seem to go well together!

You may be wondering what the other reason was that Andrew wanted to go to Eureka for... Well, to save on words, I'll just show you a picture...
He had bought this bike on-line from a man in Fargo, so our Uncle Ronald (who's from Fargo) brought it to my Bornemann grandparents' house in Eureka today for Andrew. I guess you could say Andrew's happy! He took it for a drive around town before we came home and then also used it to get the milk cows in from pasture. He said that the cows noticed that it was a different bike than what he usually uses and didn't let him get very close to them! I have a feeling that this green giant won't sit around long enough to collect dust--at least until Winter comes. During chores, Andrew told me that he knows one thing for sure. When I asked him what that one thing was, he said, "You won't want to drive my dirt-bike!" The bike is REALLY tall and I was scared the one time I drove Dad's shorter bike, so I'm sure he's right. :)

While we were at Grandpa and Grandma's, we visited a little bit with my cousin's wife, Amanda and their 2 little girls, who had just gotten there a little before us. Jason and Amanda had just recently gotten a puppy and they had him along, so their little girl, Cierra was having fun walking the dog. Actually, we weren't entirely sure who was walking who, as the puppy was about as strong as Cierra was!

Well, that was about all of the excitement of the day for our family.

Happy new week to everyone and to all a good night!

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*~Virginia~* said...

ooooooh, I LOVE the color of the graduation gowns!!!!! I LOVE red! :)
sounds like you had fun!