Monday, May 7, 2012


I spent most of the day babysitting little Johanna and Tracy Jo, and just now found the following in my In-box:

"Used to being the center of attention, Robbie was a little
more than jealous of his new baby sister. The parents sat
him down and said that now that she was getting older, the
house was too small and they'd have to move.

"It's no use," Robbie said. 'She's crawling good now and
she'd probably just follow us.'  "

Thankfully, Johanna's parents have done a good job of showing her lots of love even though there's a new member in the family, so hopefully she doesn't feel too jealous.  ;)

About 10 minutes after getting home, my dad called and asked if someone could come get him and Andrew from the field "Up North" which is about 15-17 miles away.  As Mom and Jacob were preoccupied, I hopped right back in my car and drove West again and fetched them home.

As Dad commented this evening, "We only had 2 trajedies on the farm today". 

One: when Jacob was driving out of the driveway and part of the road beneath him collapsed (in the spot where we'd had Jonathan D. dig a water line many long years ago) and he was stuck there, tilted sideways with a load of wheat on the white truck, some of the wheat spilling out.  Dad and Andrew had to rescue him by lifting him out with the loader tractor and also pulling from the front.  

And two: when Dad was stranded on the highway with a blown tire on the drill and Jacob had to go rescue him---new tire in hand.

As you can see, it was a busy day.

Oh, also, when I went out to milk the goats tonight, I found out that 2 more of our does had kidded, now bringing our baby total up to 9--- 6 bucklings and 3 doelings.  We only have 2 more does to kid and they don't look likely to freshen any time soon.

The turkeys are still all doing well and the one with a sore foot seems to improve day by day.  PTL!

Well, I should get to bed I suppose, so as to be ready for another full day tomorrow.  :)  Sweet dreams~

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