Friday, May 25, 2012



.....With planting the garden-------I left about a beds-worth of space for the plants Mom says she wants to get next time she's in Bismarck.  Now the rain can pour!

I spent a couple hours in Napoleon this morning, getting all my loan paperwork signed (the bank is taking over my loan now so I won't be working through FSA anymore----woo hoo!); making deposits at the bank for nearly everyone in the family; mailing a letter to Canada for Mother; and stopping at the meat-locker for a special treat of all-beef fry sausage (seeing as our own supply is long gone). 

I could have worked at NCC today, and at Helen's, but it was time to get the garden planted and the house was a disaster from Mom and I being gone quite a bit this last week, so I said "NO" and got so much done. 

Dad ran over the South corn-field with the prickly machine again.  Mom and the boys worked on changing around Winter/Summer clothes.  Mom and I talked to her cousin, Kristi on the phone for a while.  :)  Jacob and I made a rhubarb dessert for supper and Andrew and I made scalloped potatoes with fry-sausage cut up in it.  Mom and I cleaned the house.   The baby turkeys just ate, drank, and slept, all except for one very noisy one who just kept cheeping and cheeping and cheeping and.............until someone picked him up, then when he was set down again, he's go walk around the box again, cheeping.  He finally went to sleep now, thankfully.  The turkeys are all still alive so far.  I'd ordered 20 and 22 came.  :)   It's hard to believe how fast they'll grow, but we know from our previous experience that they won't stay little and darling for long!   Our 15 older turkeys are doing really well outside still.

Let's see....  What else happened today?    Well, Andrew researched different kinds of butterflies and found out that not all the orange and black ones that are around here this Spring are Monarches.  What else?  Oh, there were 2 bulls out this morning, but they came right back in for oats when Dad fed them (then he fixed the panel that they'd pushed out of the way).  

OH!  AND, I donated to "South Dakota For Liberty": and would ask you to do the same!  Andrew will soon be leaving us to go down to SD to help his friend, Jared H. get as many Ron Paul delegates to the National convention as possible.  Please, keep praying for the leaders/future leaders of this Country!!!!!

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Dawn Bornemann said...

Oh Cora--what a busy day it was. Sometimes it amazes me how much work us 5 get done in a day. Please pray for me as it seems very hard to let Andrew go for so long.
I love your piano playing, dear!
Love you bunches,