Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The really nice thing about having a greenhouse... that you can weed in the rain, as you're out of the rain.  :)  It was sprinkling off and on again today.  Jacob came out for a while and helped me re-staple the black plastic up on the back wall (it's in two big pieces), as it had fallen down after the last windstorm.  Then, I tried training my Hops vine to turn sideways onto the pieces of twine I've tied up for it to climb on, as it's already up to the ceiling and beyond!   It should provide some nice shade in there come Summer...

As I was weeding, I was thinking about how, as soon as Andrew left, the sunshine literally left our lives.  Does this mean he needs to come home real soon so that the sun will shine and the temps will rise again?  ;)    (We miss you, Andrew, and Sally does too.  She keeps trying to go past the gate when I go to get her in.  Then, this morning, she just stood in front of the barn door and wouldn't move for the longest time, so I petted her for a while until she finally decided to go in.)

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