Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Faster Internet in our future!

Today the house was shaking, literally!  I was out in the greenhouse when several vehicles pulled in----the men had come to put a fiber-optic cable underground by our house and then all the way out to the driveway; South towards the hay-yard and North to the next homestead.   I was in the house working on laundry when they dug by the house.  The whole place SHOOK when that vibrating machine was running.  Mom's grandma's china rattled in the hutch.  It was the nearest thing I've ever felt to an earthquake.  :)  It will be so nice to have faster Internet though, when it finally gets hooked up everywhere!!!

My dad just arrived home with the truck after seeding all day.  The boys were over there most of the day as well, picking rocks and breaking ground ahead of Dad.  I took them a warm meal at noon.  Mom went to Bismarck all day and isn't home yet.  I did most of the chores by myself tonight, except the boys did come home just in time to feed the cows and help me water the turkeys.

And now, I need to go get Dad's supper on the table!

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David said...

I know what it's like, Mom was pouring milk when it started vibrating it didn't much.