Monday, May 21, 2012

There was a policeman at our house today...

...just because Andrew asked him to come though.  :)  Andrew needed a State Patrol to check out his 2 newest pickups so he could get there titles cleared (they had salvaged titles), to make sure all the lights, windshield wipers, horn, etc... work. 

I worked in the greenhouse and garden most of the day (planted the cherry trees I'd ordered and the sweet potato plants that came in the mail today).  Oh, and I planted in the small flower bed right by the house.  The boys worked on my car some more and my dad hauled grain for a farmer.   We talked to Mom via the I-pods tonight and she's really enjoying class. 

I received an e-mail today from "Cackle Hatchery", just letting me know they shipped my 2nd batch of turkeys.  They should, Lord willing, arrive on Wednesday!   I'd better find a big box somewhere....

I'll be babysitting for thee little girls tomorrow.  I haven't seen them in several days and I imagine they've grown a little more and changed a bit too....  I'll have to borrow somebody's vehicle though, as the boys say mine won't be done when I want to leave in the morning.  I'm just so glad that I live with people who are so technically blessed!

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