Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Spring busyness....

It was a busy day!  

My parents and Jacob worked in the fields all day and just now got home.  They'll have their supper as soon as they're done chasing the heifers in, as they just decided to escape by way of crawling over the fence they've been pushing on to get to the greener grass that's on the other side (yes, really, it is greener over there!).   

Andrew hauled 3 loads of straw-bales home (they were in the way of the fieldworkers).  Then, he got done just in time for supper with me and chores with me.  In between all of that, he helped me with several mechanical problems I was having---either via the telephone or in person!

I spent a couple hours tilling the rest of the garden up and then mowed the lawn around the house and across the driveway in the park.  I also transplanted some flowers; worked on weeding in the greenhouse; and watered in there too.    I was very green after all that was done!

And now, even though it's early, I'm going to head for bed as I'm very tired.  So, good night all.~

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