Friday, May 18, 2012

Cakes and friends~

Here's a picture of the cake I worked on yesterday and finished this morning:

And here's my coworker friend, April who came out to help make her cake this morning.  (She likes animals a lot, can you tell?)
 April's Mom and Aunt came along as well, and they iced the cupcakes speedily!  It was nice that they had the cake planned out how they wanted it so I would know how to do it...

April's class colors are lime green and hot pink, so here we are---concocting!

 AND, the end result: 

April's Mom and Aunt had so many things to do at home yet to prepare for graduation, so they left while I was starting to work on the writing...   After the cake was finished, I gave April a quick farm and playground tour before lunch.  After eating, she and I went to town to deliver the cakes....   I got stuck visiting and looking at pictures at April's house for over an hour, :) and then got groceries and gas, so it was around 4:00 until I got home.  April's mom very generously gave me all these bottles of flavorings out of her supply to experiment with----flavors that are anything from "Watermelon" to "Bubble Gum" to "Anise" to "Root Beer" to......   What a nice gift!

About an hour after I got home, Mom and Andrew left to attend a friend's graduation in Hazelton.  Jacob and I cleaned the house quick and made chicken enchiladas quick and then we (plus Dad) did the chores quick so we could get to our yummy supper.  :) 

Tomorrow we may go target-practicing with some friends (the ones we went bowling with a while back) in Hazelton.  Should be fun!

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Dawn Bornemann said...

Thanks for doing chores last night
--it was so wonderful to re-connect with the G. family. I hope to get a few pictures posted on my blog today then I'm off to Canada. It gives me great comfort to know that the household will be in your capable hands while I'm away learning more techniques to help the sick.
Happy Sabbath,