Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Spent a quite day at the neighbors...

It was a pretty peaceful day over at the neighbors' with the girls taking unusually long naps this afternoon and just being content and happy in general!   Their mom, Paula and I spent some time editing the pictures we took the other day of Tracy Jo and then I burned my first CD---thanks to Andrew showing me how to do it!  (He also let me borrow his camera and taught me how to use his photo-editing program).  :) 

When I left and got out to the gravel road going South, I saw a tractor coming down the road about half a mile away and, behind him, my dad in the semi.  :)  Good timing!  We stopped and chatted a couple minutes before I headed home to make pancakes and strawberry/rhubarb sauce for supper. 

I'm looking forward to receiving turkeys in the mail tomorrow.....and to Mom coming home.....and to getting the cows moved up to pasture (possibly---weather permitting and all)....and whatever else we find to do. 

Until then...I'm going to get some sleep.

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