Saturday, May 5, 2012

"You've Been Sentenced"

....That's the name of the game we played this evening.  You can read about it HERE.  It was fun, and my dad won. 

We spent the day together as a family, singing, reading, and relaxing.  Of course, there are always chores to do, but other than that, we were just lazy.  :)  Mom popped up several batches of popcorn (something we haven't had in ages!) and I ground some of it up into popcorn cereal....Yummy!   (Just add a little milk and sweetener to the ground popcorn and you have a delicious treat.)

The turkeys are growing so much!  They're a month old and are at least 5 times as big as they were when they came.  One of them must have hurt it's leg, so it's a little slow, but the 14 others are cheerily chirpy all the time.  ;)

I'm hoping the sun will shine tomorrow so we can get more work done on the deck...   I think it's still too wet in the garden to plant anything, since we've had several rain days here lately.   Some sunshine would be really nice! 

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Anonymous said...

So happy that you liked our You've been Sentenced game! I love to read real-world, unsolicited comments like this!!!

Susan McNeill
McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds
creators of the You've been Sentenced! game