Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New plants; new clothes; and new fence posts...

Mother went to town and brought home new plants to fill up that last open bed in the garden (some peppers, a tomato---we have many more growing in the greenhouse, and flowers).

I changed my clothes around from Winter to Summer items---hence the "New" clothes.  I also cleaned out my closet and did a bunch of laundry that was piling up.

Dad went to town and bought new fence posts and wire, then he and Jacob spent the afternoon fixing up the fences around the farm here so the heifers quit getting out (hopefully).

We've also received some new e-mails from Andrew, saying he's well and busy.  He's staying with a young/middle aged couple (in their unfinished basement) and their 4 cats.  He's been making lots of phone calls and has been doing some canvasing around the town.   He'll first get to see his friend, Jared tomorrow and recently found out that his other friend, Trevor will be coming from Virginia to help out soon too.

Oh, I also gave my fish some new water and cleaned out their home....   And, this morning, my dad and I went up to the pasture to drive through the cow herd and make sure everyone was still doing ok.  They all were very content looking, spread out all over the pasture.  Some of the calves were even exploring the bee-hives up there! 

'Twas a busy day.~


*~Virginia~* said...

Sounds busy, but also like you accomplished a lot! :) I love days like that. Hope you are doing well! I've enjoyed reading your posts!
Virginia K.

The K. Family said...

We had our state GOP convention last weekend and the Ron Paul supporters had quite the showing!

Cora Beth said...

Thanks for your comment, Virginia!

K. Family~ Hip hip horray!!! :)