Tuesday, May 1, 2012


My mom gave me a belated birthday gift today, that being an hours worth of massage from a friend of hers!   It was so relaxing.....

Mom and I spent the whole day in Bismarck----shopping and sessioning.  :)  I got new tires put on my car (the old ones were dangerously bad) and then learned from the shop there that they found more work that needs doing underneath the car, so I hope to have my  mechanic brother check into that....   I think our biggest purchase of the day came in the form of a small tiller for our garden and greenhouse!!!   Mom and I are splitting the cost as we know it will save a lot of time weeding and both wanted to get one badly.  We do have a larger tiller for going down pathways, but this one can get in much smaller spaces.  :)

Dad started seeding today in our fields, although it sounds like he had some troubles, hopefully not too serious?  Andrew worked on his, well, newest project and I believe Jacob was helping him with it.

Hopefully tomorrow Mom and I can get the onion sets and potatoes planted in the garden.   Want to come help dig in the dirt?  ;)

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