Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cattle mooooving day~

 Yep, one hopped on the cow and the other pushed her the the 5 miles up to pasture!  

Well, maybe that wasn't quite how it was....
Green grass at last!

This red fella looks pretty comfortable! 
PS. Bartletts, I believe this guy is for sale.  ;)

Andrew said, "Smile, Phyllis", and she did.
But, before I post the rest of the cattle pictures, here's one of my new babies/kitchen companions!

The rest of the pictures can speak for themselves......   I just wanted to say that we're happy to have Mom home with us again (she was in the house not even 10 minutes  when we recruited her to drive the pickup/stock trailer on the 5-mile journey North!).

Two somebodys got stuck!

I rode on the 4-wheeler with Dad when we got to the part where I couldn't drive the Ram anymore without getting stuck!  Soooooo, I took lots of pictures.....

I love the geese in this picture!  (And yes, this is a different cow than the one Jacob was riding on.)

~The end~

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Dawn Bornemann said...

OH CORA--I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY (one for each Bornemann) like this post! It's so wonderful to see my children STILL riding the cattle. :) You and your papa looked so cute together and I loved the whole thing except when you missed the calf!!! I'm glad that you weren't hurt especially when Jacob clapped at your success. ;)
It's so nice to be home but I have noticed one thing. There sure is a lot of work around here! Best get to it!!!!
Love you so much and I am thrilled that you like to blog so that I can see the world through your beautiful eyes!