Saturday, May 19, 2012

It rained, some.

We need rain, so it was glad we were when we woke to find a few small puddles on the driveway!  It wasn't a lot, but was a start.  :)

It was a quite, peaceful day here.  Nothing much happened, really, outside of our hunter-friends having tractor troubles that Dad needed to help them with for a couple hours.

Tomorrow will be much more lively, I'm sure!  Let's see....  We have on the agenda:
  • Getting all the stock cows/calves in the corral and tagging everything that lost tags or doesn't have any.

  • Mom needs to pack and then head for Canada sometime in the afternoon, to return Wednesday.

  • And then, it's Graduation Day in Napoleon, so I for sure plan to attend (and then drop off cards and greetings at 3 graduates' homes afterwards).  

Should be a full day!  

May God guide our steps, yours and mine, tomorrow and always.~

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