Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wreck the deck...

...then put it all back....   That's what Dad and I worked on most of the day.  It was too wet for fieldwork, so we took the whole frame of the deck apart; squared things up again and braced it a bit; then reassembled the frame.  In the latter part of the afternoon, Mom and Jacob came out and helped with staining the new boards.  We only got about half done with staining the sides and the part that will be on the bottom of the deck floor.   It will be nice to have a safe deck to enjoy again!

The boys went to Bismarck today, as Andrew needed several parts for his vehicle fixing projects and then they both stopped and saw our 2nd cousins, Eric and Hristiyan who were traveling with a group from WI, (Missionaries to the Pre-born).   When Andrew got home, he was not feeling well at all (coming down with the cold I had/have, I suppose).  He laid down on the couch and slept even which is NOT like Andrew!   Mom milked his cow for him tonight and Jacob did his other chores. 

Dad and I gave the turkeys a new shelter that we assembled from 2 large boxes Dad got from down at Titan for that purpose.  :)   I was concerned about the turkeys last night in all that rain, as they're too big to all fit in the little plastic Igloo I have for them in there and, besides that, they're not very smart either when it comes to seeking shelter.  Hopefully they'll take advantage of the box tonight.

The greenhouse is working well----meaning that it was toasty warm in there this afternoon and had nice, high humidity levels.  My Hops vine (which survived the Winter very well) is taking off for the sky!

Well, I think that's all I have to share.  Oh, there was one more new kid today, (Mom's goat this time).  The baby is a girl.  :)


Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Hey Cora,
I'm so sorry to hear that some of you aren't feeling well. I pray it doesn't pass further than from you to your brother, and that the Lord heals all of you really well.

In Christ,

Cora Beth said...

Thank you Carra! For your prayers and for your comment. :)

Andrew is feeling a little better and is able to work again, but still has quite a cough. I still have a cough occasionally too, but really felt better today. Must have been the prayers!!!! Sometimes these colds seem to hang on forever.

I pray that you all are doing well too. It looks like you're having all kinds of adventures with your goats. We are now milking the excess milk off of 5 does.

Be blessed,