Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The little tiller works! does the medium one and the large one, all of which I used today to get a section of our garden "plantable".  :)  Mom and I planted 3 beds before it started to rain.   We also hauled the turkeys' boxes out of the house and burned them (along with lots of other garbage), as they've now graduated to living outside all the time. 

My dad planted in the fields and the boys picked more rocks and worked on fixing the 4890 tractor.  Now is not a good time for a breakdown...... 

It rained, no, poured this evening, resulting in an inch of rain.   We're so very grateful for the rain, but our prayers are now taking a turn to asking God for some sunshine!   The farmers need to get their crops in now, and then the rain will be needed once more.  Farming is always an adventure.  I feel a little sorry for God though---Him having to listen to all our varied, changing requests!  ;)

I was so very happy when I examined the raspberries (the ones I got from the Keisters last Summer) closely and realized that most of them are alive and well!!!   It was also a pleasure to pick the first asparagus from the plants I put in the greenhouse last year.  Spring is indeed here.  PTL!

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