Monday, May 14, 2012

Yesterday was Mothers' Day...

...Today was father's day---my dad's birthday, that is.    What a special Dad he is!!!   Just to give you an idea...............  On a scale of 1-50 (50 being the best), he's a 56!  :)  Yep, we're blessed.   He's always looking out for his family and doesn't expect anyone to do anything that he himself wouldn't do.  He's quite sometimes, but that's because he's always thinking...........   I pray he has many, many more years of happy livin'.

My dad spent most of the day cleaning grain for 2 farmers (he had tire troubles at the 2nd one's place by Linton and Andrew had to take him a different tire), but was home for a special supper and just in time to open the gifts we'd wrapped......and then we watched a movie. 

It was a very warm day with little wind, rather a rare occasion for our part of the world!    I finished staining the deck boards and then Mom helped with beginning to varnish them.  The mailman pulled in with a package and informed Jacob and I that our neighbors were painting their fence right at that moment too, so it was obviously a good painting day.  ;)  

Mom and I spent about an hour helping the boys put together Dad's big birthday gift (while he was gone)----a 3-person swing to put on the deck or under the trees.  We were so happy when he came in the house and hadn't seen his gift yet, as God must have used the dogs as a distracting-agent, because he walked by the swing without seeing it.  So, then we could take him outside again and have him close his eyes and walk over and sit down in it.  Fun!

I baked Dad his favorite kind of cake, "Angel food" and the boys brought home strawberries and ice cream from town to go with it.  Yummy!  Mom made Dad's favorite (meatloaf) and also a bunch of deviled eggs, plus a strawberry milkshake.  Double yummy! 

I also planted the lily bulbs that Grandma bought for me and sent home with my parents yesterday.   I'd never grown lilies before this year, but Sarah K. gave me several of hers when I helped them with packing to move, and I also ordered a couple different kinds this Spring, and now Grandma gave me some, so I guess it will be a lily year.  :)    Do you like to grow flowers?  If so, what is your favorite kind?  I think my favorite would still be pansies, but there are so many pretty ones, it's hard to choose!


Laura said...

Hello Miss Cora Beth!

I've just come in from gardening to get a cool drink of water...and I wanted to send you a little message to thank you for visiting my blog on Mother's Day! It was so nice to hear from you...and so sweet of you to think of me.

Please wish your dad a "Happy Birthday" from all of us...I'm sure that he just loves his new swing! What a wonderful gift...a great place to rest after a hard day's work...such a thoughtful gift.

I think that my favorite flowers are daffodils...because once when I was little I had to be in the hospital for a long time and one of my older brothers brought me a HUGE bouquet of them...they just brightened my whole day...and I always remember that whenever I see daffodils. When we first bought our land...many many years ago...we cleared out just enough for a house and barn. Out from there are many birch trees. Well, my husband's aunt, as a surprise, came down one day when we weren't at home...and planted hundreds of daffodils out front amongst the birches. We never knew until the following spring...when "sunshine" popped up all over our front lawn! It was such a wonderful surprise...and those bulbs are still blooming...more than 25 years later!

Hope you all have a wonderful week! Please tell your mama "Happy Mother's Day" from us...I can see that she loves her scarecrows!

With love,
Mrs. Laura

The K. Family said...

I guess our family would have to say petunias :) Mom likes stargazer lilies but we can't get them to grow very good. We also like lilacs and iris'.

Paula said...

Up until now my favorite flowers to grow have been wild flowers. Or should I comment that Wild Flowers were the only flowers that I could grow, other than the tulips that grow through the grass that I planted on top of them:) I will attempt to grow a bleeeding heart (plant?) that was a wonderful gift from a special friend.
I love reading how you spend your time with your neighbor girls. They are so fortunate to have you.