Sunday, May 20, 2012


It was quite the busy day here!

We worked all morning through 'til 2:00, sorting cows and calves, retagging cows who'd lost eartags over the last couple years; and tagging calves.  Two of the more spunky cows jumped over a panel and into the milk cow pen, so it took us quite a while to get them back in and run through the chute.  Thankfully, the Lord kept us safe, outside of the usual bonks, scratches and sore muscles at the end of the day.

Mother left right at 2:00PM for her friend, Elizabeths' place in/by Rolla and then they took off together for a class in Canada.  I cleaned up, changed quickly and left shortly after her, heading for the graduations I'd been invited to in Napoleon.

The ceremony was about half over by the time I finally got there, but I got to see the slideshow and the diplomas being handed out.   After going through the line, shaking everyones hand and wishing them well, I went to 3 open-houses.  It was fun to see several people I hadn't expected to see and visit with them...  

I stayed the longest at the last stop----April's party.   Here she is, cutting the cake we made.  :)  We got a picture together too, but it's on April's Mom's camera.... 
 Isn't that a cute watermelon?
 I stayed and visited with April and her cousin, Samantha mainly.  Sam and I actually went for a little drive, as she wanted to show me where she lived and then we walked around their garden area and over to the museum.  It was a lovely afternoon, just nice and warm but not too hot.

Right at supper time, Clarissa and Kevin came over (Clarissa had to work at the nursing home today, but was on her supper break) so it was fun to see them again.  Here is a picture of 4 of my coworkers/former coworkers:  Samantha, Clarissa, April, & Kevin.  :)

While I was gone having fun, Andrew sold a computer to a person who saw his ad on BisManOnline and also showed one of the cars he's fixed up when another couple stopped in to see it after seeing his ad on the same website. 

Later yet, Jeff & Donna M. stopped in and were still here when I got home.  We had visited at the 2nd open house I'd gone to, so it was the 2nd time I'd seen them today...

Then, we did chores and ate supper; talked to Mom briefly and Dad talked to Grandma Marly; and now we're calling it a day! 

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