Thursday, December 13, 2012

....5 golden rings...

Well, it was only 2, I guess...   My parents went to Bismarck today for business reasons and my dad also had the idea to take along their high-school class rings to sell them, as my parents will never wear them again and would rather have the money to do useful things with then have them sitting around, collecting dust in a drawer.    It was well worth it too, as they received a total of $144, or something close to that.  I asked if they had any other old gold rings lying around that they'll never use?  ;)  They said, "No, sadly".

  I went over babysitting for most of the day.  The girls are just getting over a flu bug, so weren't quite as perky as usual.  I feel so bad for little people when they're so sick! 
  The boys stayed home and worked on, well, things.  Andrew hauled a load of hay home.  Jacob worked on his schoolwork.  I don't know what else they did.

  After posting last night, I couldn't believe I'd forgotten to write about the happiest news of the day for me!   When we got our cows in the corralling and sorted them off to work the calves a while back, I'd noticed that one of my cows (a very distinguishable black/white face) was missing.  I thought maybe I'd missed her, so kept a watchful eye out for her when we got the cows in again later and poured them all and for sure, she was gone.  I marked her down in my records as possibly having died in the pasture or having gotten lost.   Well, yesterday when we were sorting off the 2 cows to take to the butcher shop, I thought I saw her, so after the cows were loaded, I grabbed one of the 4-wheelers and went through the cow-herd to see.  Low and behold-----there she was!!!!   Just as round and healthy looking as ever!   I'm not sure where she was on the 2 days that we got everyone in the corralling, but I was praising the Lord over and over for the blessing of being able to delete my last entry in my cattle-records!!!

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