Saturday, December 22, 2012

Soon it will be Christmas day!

Which also means my mom's birthday will soon be here too.  :) 

We had so much fun skating this afternoon, and playing ping-pong, and even doing dishes!  Lauretta, Sarena, and their brother, Thaddaeus came and played ice-hockey with us and my parents even came up later and guarded the goals with shovels (as we ran out of sticks!) while the rest of us tried not to fall down while chasing the puck all over the ice.  Later, Andrew gave snowmobile rides, or rather, he gave sled rides, the sled being pulled behind the snowmobile.  Then, we all headed for our house and made some supper; played some music; ate supper; Dad, Andrew and Jacob did the chores while the rest of us did the dishes quickly; and after that we played ping-pong for about 2 hours before they had to head for home.    Praise be to God that nobody got seriously hurt during all of our adventures!

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