Sunday, December 2, 2012

Silent night...

I just got home---and all is silent in the house as everyone else is in bed already....  I watched "My" little girls today and then went over to Lauretta and Sarena's house.  Their dad, sister Josephine, and a brother were there, as well as a cousin I'd never met before.   Lauretta, her brother and I played some ping-pong, then Sarena and I played piano duets for a while.  Lauretta played piano then, her brother played guitar, and the cousin and I played violins (and later, Josephine and I played).  He is a little bit better at it than I am, but not as good as Sarena and Josephine, so it was nice playing with someone who didn't exactly want to speed things up either....  :)  Then, we looked at pictures and shared funny stories and, it got late.

I don't even know what everyone else did here today?  I think we're going to be pouring the cows tomorrow.  I'm glad the wildest ones are sold!

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