Monday, December 3, 2012

Joy to the world!

We are done "working" all of our cattle for the year (Lord willing)! 

It was quite windy out today and the cows were pretty frisky, perhaps due to the wind or maybe because it was sunny and they thought it was Spring?  At any rate, even the mild-tempered ones were spunky and we had 4 animals (1 bull and 3 cows) jump the corralling (and it took some doing)!  We had to park the tractor at the end of the alley and a pickup on the other side once we got those back in so they wouldn't do it again.   Thankfully, it is all done now and we were all kept safe amidst the flying feet and the fur...    We definitely need to get a better cattle-working set-up made on this farm in the near future.

This needs to be short, as some of us are getting up extra early in the morning to get the chores done, showers taken, pickup loaded, fliers for my mom's open house printed, and all be ready to take off to pick up the Azure order by 8:15....   So, goodnight.

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