Wednesday, December 5, 2012

God rest ye merry gentleman...

The menfolk in my family are especially glad this evening, as they now have the "new" combine home from Jamestown (they bought it at the consignment auction there on Friday).  My dad said it was a 5 hour drive home!  The combine is SO has a very nice 2nd seat in the cab for people to ride along on; the paint is in great condition; it has 2 windshield wipers on the front windshield because it's so large; and the horn has a nice sound to it.   That's what I think is neat about it.  The guys would probably tell you what's great about it is how powerful it is; that the hopper is larger because it has a big top on it; that is has 4-wheel drive; it has duals on the front; and things like that....  :)   

I watched "my little peoples", as Dorena calls them (I received a very nice letter from her in the mail today when she returned the music I'd forgotten down there---and a huge chocolate bar!)...   Their grandparents are now visiting for about a week, so it was fun to see them again and to hear their comments on how the girls have changed since they'd seen them last. 

My mom had 4 sessions with clients today, so she was busy with that.

Andrew worked on his projects (put the new tires that he bought yesterday on his 4-wheeler) and Jacob went with my dad to get the combine and drove the other vehicle back home. 

I never posted last night because I checked my FaceBook account first and my dear friend, Miranda was on at that moment and we got to talking................and talking...............and talking............and I never got back to my blog!  

Mother, Andrew, our friend Lauretta, and I spent a very long and busy day in Bismarck and got home a little after 8:30PM.   Why?  Well, my mom rents 2 office rooms in the same building (across the hall from each other) and has her main health business in the one room and was using the other for storage.  Now, since she bought her Betar table (healing with sound/music), she needed a place to set that up and so we set up the other room as an office too, using the room dividers she'd bought a year or two ago to split the room in two.  The back half is where the Betar table and desk will be and the front half will have a little sitting area and a table to sell things on (grains we grow on the farm or VibesUp products that my mom is getting into selling now too.   We all worked together on planning out the room, then while my mom did several sessions for clients in the other room, Andrew, Lauretta and I went shopping.  :)  We hit the thrift stores first and found several things we needed/wanted (a huge landscape scene with a stunning frame; a desk-clock; another picture---of an iris and an iris picture frame to match it; a floor lamp; and also a bunch of music....   Andrew dropped we girls off at Seeds of Hope (where we saw one of our neighbors!), and went over to Mandan to buy parts for his current ATV project.  Lauretta and I had fun looking through lots of music (and bought some) and wedding gowns----just for the fun of it (and we didn't buy any).  Then, we went to Menards for the things we couldn't find (light bulbs, trash-can, pegs for the desk...) and then to TSC for farm supplies.  It was a busy day, but I think we're now ready for Mom's grand opening of that part of her business (next Tuesday). 

Lauretta stayed for a little bit once we got home and watched with us where we were in "Pride and Prejudice".  :)

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