Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's a marshmallow world in the Winter...

...when the snow comes to cover the ground!   It is still snowing, big, heavy snowflakes. 

It was a busy day at our place, getting the house back in order after bringing lots of things back from the open-house and dumping it all in the kitchen this morning.   There was a huge stack of dishes to wash and dry; laundry that needed washing and folding; the guys hauled hay home; we rounded up 2 more cows and loaded them in the stock trailer, which the guys then took down to Linton to the butcher shop; plus lots of other odds and ends...

I did not write last night for two reasons: 
  #1. It was very late by the time we headed for home from Bismarck
  #2. I wasn't at home and didn't have Internet access (as I stayed with Lauretta at her and Sarena's house when we dropped Lauretta off last night, then Sarena dropped me off at home this morning on her way to work---as she goes right by).

The open house went very well!  It got quite busy in the early afternoon and we had to shorten people's Betar sessions so as to give everyone some time on the relaxing musical table.   My mom was doing sessions in the other room all day long.  Lauretta ran the Betar table most of the time, although Andrew and I helped her now and then, and helped with selecting music to play according to the persons' preferences.   It was my job to make sure the punch bowl and cookie platter remained full, and to try to explain the benefits of my mom's newest venture---Vibes-Up products.   After it was all over at 8PM, and we were packed up, Mom took the 3 of us out to eat at the Ground Round.  Yummy!   It was a fun day, but also tiring....  I have pictures to share, but I think I need to start a new blog so as to be able to post pictures, as it won't let me do it here anymore.   ;(

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