Thursday, December 20, 2012

Come on, it's lovely weather for skating together with you...

We spent the morning working at home on various projects, then around 2:00, Jacob and I decided to head up to the pasture to check out how the ice was this year and to push some snow off of the ice.  I'd written to Lauretta before we left, mentioning where Jacob and I were going, amongst other things, and it "Just so happened" that she got the message right when she was by the corner where you can either turn or go straight up to our pasture, on her way home from work.  She called me (just as Jacob and I were almost at that corner) and asked where we were and if we'd like some help?  SO, she parked her pickup and hopped in with us for a snowy ride to the "Lake" (it's more like a pond).    We pushed tons of snow and then skated and played ice hockey.  Andrew made a delivery up to Steele (he sold a motorcycle), then stopped in on his way home and joined us on the ice.  We pushed off another ton of snow, making our skating area twice as large.  We had fun skating around (holding hands and skating in a line, swinging the outside person around very quickly on the corners!) and trying to play hockey (the boys even had their lit hockey-puck along) and we skated until the sun went down and the moon came out, and then each headed for our respective homes. 

We're planning to have a skating party up there on Saturday (in the afternoon), which is why we headed up to push snow in the first place....   Anyone want to join us on the ice?  :)

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